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Hundreds of experiments with just one tank

150 science lessons using everyday materials.

Absolutely The Best!

The Teaching Tank® and the The Teaching Tank Discovery Books© are of the highest quality and they are the best way available to facilitate the learning of science.

Teaching Tank®

In the past, students were asked to view and perform science experiments in small test tubes or beakers. These students were very limited to what they could actually observe due to the size, shape, and visual distortion of those small containers. The Teaching Tank® is the perfect hands-on teaching tool for every science curriculum.


Why teach science lessons using The Teaching Tank®?

Setup is simple and only takes minutes.The lessons are intuitive and very visual.


View ants, worms, roots like no other product.


150 completely developed lessons that are ready to go.



Not only is the Teaching Tank® the best original science teaching aid on the market because it does so much and the lessons are so visually exciting to students, but it is cost effective. With the Starter Kit you not only get the large tank, but you also get 50 fully developed lessons that can be adjusted to different levels of investigation. The tank can be used over and over within the same year and then used from year to year.


Curriculum Guide
Sample Lessons

View three exciting sample lessons and see why the Teaching Tank is such a great product.

Lesson Plans include:


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